4 Hour Body Way To Sexy Abs

4 Hour Body Way To Sexy Abs

Flat Belly Diet and Best Ab Exercise with the Help from the 4 Hour Body.

By now, you have likely heard of Tim Ferriss, the 4 Hour Guru of life hacking.  In his book, The 4 Hour Body, Tim explains his methods to achieve abdominals so ripped that he could finally see the veins bulging.  Here, we’ll go over some of the essentials made popular by this book.

#1 – Slow Carb Diet.

Paleo Diet Recipes Book

Simple PALEO Recipes

This is the diet that works on the same premise as the Paleo Diet.  The discipline is to eat a high-protein diet with lots of vegetables and abstain from sugars, dairy and any form of white carbohydrates.  It’s actually very easy to follow the diet, especially because once per week, it is important to spike your caloric intake by eating as much of whatever else you might like as possible.  So one day a week, eat all that pasta, bread, cheese and sugar that you have been craving.  This will actually help you lose weight faster because of how it sort of reboots your metabolism for the week.  It also will keep you on the diet longer because you won’t be suffering the psychological impact that other diets always fail by, allowing you a planned cheat day.

To go into it more, here are the 5 Basic Principles of the Slow Carb Diet.

1. No White Carbs

Avoid carbohydrates that are or can be white.  This includes carbs in the form of grain products, such as wheat, rice, or potato starch.  Quinoa is about the only exception.  Potatoes are also to be avoided.  So, basically any bread or breaded item, cereal, oatmeal, pasta, tortillas, fried foods, etc.

2. Don’t drink calories

Don’t drink calories, including milk, soy milk, juice, soda, etc. Up to 16oz of diet soda a day is ok, but only if you can’t live without it.  Coffee is fine, but go easy on the milk and sugar.  Same with tea.

3. Eat the Same Few Meals all Week

Eat the same meals all week (with exception to your one cheat day).  It is easier to get through a diet if you don’t have to think too much every meal time.  It is important to not skip meals so you have to do what you can to make it simple.

Some of the items recommended by Tim Ferriss are eggs, chicken breast or thigh, grass-fed beef, fish, pork, lentils, just about any kind of bean, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, any other green (especially dark green) vegetable.

4. No Fruit

Fruit is not a necessary food.  At least not to humans.  With exception to tomatoes and avocados, which are indeed fruits, fruit is to be completely avoided 6 days per week.  Reason for this is because of the sugar found in fruit, called fructose, converts to glycerol phosphate quicker than almost all other carbohydrates.

5. One Cheat Day Per Week

In 4 Hour Body, Tim recommends Saturday as the best for the cheat day, but it’s completely up to you.  On this day, make a point to eat whatever you want.  The theme for the day is Indulgence.  Eat cake, ice cream, a whole loaf of bread, anything you desire, just eat a lot of it.  For the psychological benefit to fully take effect, it’s best to eat so much on this day, you’re almost sick.  For the physical benefit, what is happening is that while dramatically spiking caloric intake just one day a week, you are increasing fat-loss by programming your metabolic rate to not downshift from any prolonged caloric restriction.  In other words, you are rebooting your metabolism, making the whole Slo-Carb Diet a faster weight-loss process.

#2 – Ab Exercises

There are countless ab exercises and many that promise to take up only 8 minutes, or 7 minutes, or even 6.  I’m sure somewhere, it’s gone to 1 minute, but we are all not that gullible… yet.  The problem with so many of these ab exercises is that they are taught and promoted by fitness instructors who are already spending the majority of their day at the gym.  Simply put, they don’t get their abs with one 7 minute exercise.

Ab exercises, however, don’t need to take up much time though.  With the proper diet and supplement routine, a couple exercises will likely be all you need to see some amazing results.

As with any exercise, it’s important to approach it at a speed and level of motivation that feels comfortable to you.  Don’t hurt yourself.

The first of these two very simple exercises is the Myotatic Crunch or sometimes called the Swiss Ball Crunch.  The crunch is a common abdominal exercise but because it is so often done incorrectly, it frequently results in lower back injury. In this video by RidgeLine Fitness, the instructor shows the proper way to perform this exercise.  It does require you to have an exercise ball.  An alternative is to use the Bosu Ball, which is a half of the exercise ball.  Using the Bosu Ball, you are more steady but much lower to the ground.  Either way creates fantastic results in a short time.

Myotatic Crunch

The other exercise that will make a massive difference to your abdominals is the Cat Vomit.  It’s called the Cat Vomit because it looks like a cat vomiting, sort of.  This exercise is so simple, and yet so important, because it reaches the muscles that most ab exercises do not, the transverse abdominal muscles.  It requires more patience and focus than actual physical exertion.

Cat Vomit


With either of these two exercises, it isn’t necessary to do them every day.  In fact, it is best to give your body a break of a day or two.  We’ve found them to be very effective doing them only twice a week.


If you haven’t read the 4 Hour Body yet, there’s so much more than “how to get ripped abs” in this info-packed book.  Just watch this trailer.  It glances at the vast breadth of knowledge available in The 4 Hour Body.


As with any routine (diet, exercise, or supplement), it is important to always remember your health is far more important than your appearance.  When you are feeling healthy, even if your stomach is not as flat as it was when you were 14, you are exuding that health which also exudes attractiveness.  So, never do anything that will put your health at risk.  With these recommendations listed here, including the use of Acai Berry Select, it is important to consult with a doctor you trust, or even a couple doctors (doctors can be wrong too, of course) and most importantly to follow what actually feels good to you.

We have found the tips from Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body to be extremely useful, and with the help of Acai Berry Select, we are feeling better (and looking better) than we ever have.

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